Lewis Wetherall


 Owner:  Lewis has been the friendly face & voice of MR. MUSIC over the last 5 years. He has extensive experience in guitar repair & can offer great advice on instrument choice always offering you the best deals around. Got a question? He can answer it.

Kevin Frey


Guitar Instructor:  Kevin has been teaching guitar for over 13 years. He has been with MR. MUSIC since 2004. His easy going teaching methods, in addition to his extensive knowledge in music theory, allows you to learn guitar confidently.

Ejvind Boccolini (Ivan)


 Drum Instructor: Ejvind has been teaching drums for 13 years. He has been with MR. MUSIC since 2004 . Along with drum instruction he also heads his own Rock Camps giving students the chance to rock out like an authentic band. No matter what your favorite style of music, Ejvind will show you how to play those beats in a relaxed & fun atmosphere. 

Donna Sparacio


 Guitar, Piano, Ukulele & Vocal Instructor: Donna has been teaching guitar, piano & vocals at MR. MUSIC since the store has been under new ownership. She also heads her own Rock Camps offering students the chance to play as a band. She has a dedicated following of students who love her easy going manner & fun attitude. 

Kevin McCann


Guitar, Bass, Piano & Vocal Instructor:  Kevin has been teaching guitar, bass, piano & vocals for over 10 years at MR. MUSIC.   He has also served as music director at St Peters & Paul Church. Along with his regular lessons, he also heads Rock Camps for students of ALL ages, allowing them the chance to play as a band.

Evalyn Palmer


Violin Instructor: Evalyn has been with MR. MUSIC for just over a year & is a great addition to our family! It doesn't matter your age, she will make you feel comfortable learning this classic instrument.

Rob Jackson


Guitar, Bass, Drums Keyboard Instructor, In house Recording Engineer: Rob has been with MR. MUSIC for just over a year & is about to embark on our 1st course in Sound Engineering. Stay tuned!

Jack Wetherall


Intern & YouTube Producer & Director:
Jack brings the 21st Century to MR. MUSIC with his tech skills & production talent. When at the store, you can always rely on him to demo our latest guitars & help you with your selections.

Kim Wetherall (aka Mrs. Music)


In house Graphic Artist  & Office Manager: Kim is mostly behind the scenes, but nevertheless crucial to the smooth running of the store, lesson center & social media sites.